Dec 5th 2014

FREEDOM54 Photoshoot at Goree Island, Senegal

Goree Island, SENEGAL

By Kai Dunna

This week our team in Senegal went to the historic Goree Island for the brand’s first photo shoot on the continent of Africa. The group was led by Abdou Dion, head of FREEDOM54 Africa, and in front of the camera were models Penda Diop and Martin Tino Mbaye. Goree Island lies off the cost of Senegal opposite Dakar. The Island holds the painful memories of the Atlantic Slave trade and it is now a pilgrimage destination for the African Diaspora.

Researching the history of the Atlantic Slave trade and what took place at Goree Island – we felt strongly about our decision to shoot there… Our clothing brand represents FREEDOM, the name FREEDOM54 comes from FREEDOM to the 54 independent nations of Africa.

Enjoy the pictures:

Photographer: Abdou Dion

Penda, Abdou, and MartinPendaPenda and MartinPendaMartin