Spotlight Andrew Sumpter

Mar 26th 2014

Andrew Sumpter


“You can liken my style to the love child of Venice beach and Washington DC’s U Street. I try to keep things simple. Limited dominant colors with small adjustments that anchor an outfit but never interrupt the concept.

Freedom54 does an exceptional job pairing bold color with unique design in a visually non-threatening method; a challenge that major retailers still haven’t gotten quit right yet. The fabric in the shirt stretches and softens after washing providing exceptional comfort over time. My favorite part about the shirts are that the shirts fits me up top and are long enough! Typically, shirts progressively widen, making taller folks look like they are wearing a tent.

Freedom54 will provide a much needed lift in color to your closet. And after this uncharacteristically frigid winter, you probably need it. Let Freedom54 worry about making you look good and you stick to just being yourself.”

- A. Sumpter

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